25.000 square meters of ARCA industrial facilities in Castello di Godego (Tv) - a startling figure, prima facie, for a factory dedicated to classical European furniture styles revival, but everything clicks into place if we consider the following:

- Complete production cycle - from wood desiccation to decorative curving and gold leaf application – is fundamental factory’s policy in order to supply high-quality furniture and proper service;

- ARCA products range – kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, studies, etc. – enables to create any private or public interior;

- Variety of historical styles - Art Nouveau/Liberty, Art-Deco, Biedermeier, Venetian style, Directoire style, Neo-classicism, etc.

- Great production volumes – ARCA is one of recognized leaders in its sphere both in Italy and abroad;

- Strong technical and research department with a special testing ground.

ARCA believes that solicitous attitude to traditions and material processing is impossible without innovations, ergonomic approach and high-end technologies, because this is a modern person who will live in this noble and elegant interiors.





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