Now it’s very hard to imagine but Besana factory (Mariano Comense, Brianza) was founded more than 110 years ago. Given that only along its industrial guise the factory is being ruled by the 4-th generation of Besana family and since then has passed a serious development way of a great “Made-In-Italy” producer.

Perfect design, attention to details, constant innovations – these are the things that always help Besana in fulfillment of its main goal: provide customers with durable high-quality furniture, ageless in terms of style and design.

The essential principles are: collaboration with the best designers, more than 500 patents and innovative certificates, unique German manufacturing equipment and, of course, strict labour discipline.

Alessandro Besana: “We are not Mastro Geppetto long since. High-end technologies at our production are in keeping with other modern sectors”.

Hence we get Besana’s care about youth professional education in Brianza, customized projects flexibility, ability to adapt or create from the very beginning a piece of furniture that meets any client’s demands.

In the industrial manufacture sphere it is worth much!

Attention! Finished products are in stock factory in Italy.





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