Ceccotti Collezioni
Ceccotti Collezioni

Ceccotti Collezioni, situated near Pisa (Tuscany) is a company recognizable all around the world of interior design thanks to the ability to create author’s pieces, unique in their originality and complexity of production. Main material used by Ceccotti Collezioni – solid American walnut. Its processing in the factory combines most modern industrial technologies with hand-craft tradition of Tuscan artisans. The product of the company is a design free of straightforwardness of industrial product, and at the same time it doesn’t bring exquisiteness aim to its own, and serves mostly for practical purposes.

In more than 50 years of its history, Ceccotti Collezioni has proven itself as a company that never refused to its vocation – deluxe artisan product, able to reinterpret it in a modern key through pieces that even in today’s virtual world affirm that tactile, sensual approach towards the object is more important than its visual image. 





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