The kitchen is a workshop, a place to fulfill instantaneous ideas and mature projects. Good ingredients are nothing but a starting point; the rest is alchemy, experiments and practice, trial and errors.

There is no such thing as a perfect recipe, everyone brings in something peculiar from reason, heart and mood. Few certainties but a generous soul, the family and the place where to bring it all together: INDada.

Informal, pragmatic and snobbery-free. It has as much technology as needed: ergonomic opening systems, long-lasting materials, simplified cleaning and maintenance – all in NICOLA GALLIZIA design and impeccable DADA quality.



Address of representation: Moscow, Lomonosovsky, 29/1
Phones: +7 (495) 665-10-57, +7 (499) 929-51-76, +7 (916) 796-97-88
E-mail: / Skype: elena.shlenkina
Elena Shlenkina Representative Agency, 2022