Meroni Francesco
Meroni Francesco

For Meroni Francesco the expression “age-old traditions” shall be taken literally: founded in 1868 in Seveso the factory still operates as a family business that in being handed down from sire to son and keeps love and loyalty to historical traditions of Louis XV, Louis XVI, Venetian, Baroque and Neoclassic styles. 

Based upon characters of models, nothing serious has happened with the factory for the last 100 years: all furniture is being invented, designed and produced only in Italy; only high-quality materials are being used; all manufacturing processes trace their roots back to traditions of local carpenters and cabinet-makers. All carved decorations are hand-made only of solid wood here in Brianza. This fact is confirmed by a Certificate “Hand made in Italy 100%”, very few factories can boast of it. 

But for all that, the factory does not produce 100% replicas, but recast stiles following the demands of today customers. Construction, size, drawings, carving, colours, finishing may be infinitely personalized to turn Meroni Francesco furniture into a so-called portrait of its successful owner. Surely there are no two identical Meroni Francesco items wherever.





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