A lot of things have changed since 1934, when a small workshop, founded by Angelo and Guissano Molteni made it first step in Gussano (Brianza). Production is now industrial, distribution, now international. Today, a capacity for innovation is an essential competitive asset. But one thing has remained the same: quality, the common thread that for three generations has distinguished the evolution of a group that is one of the world leaders in the furnishing and design sector, a testament to made in Italy products in over 60 countries. 

Molteni&C is a company defined by advanced technology and a longstanding tradition. It has always been focused on research in the modular furniture sector, creating solutions for all areas - home and office, hotels and museums, hospitals and theatres, boutiques and cruise ship.

Molteni furniture incorporate the wisdom of a long artisan tradition together with innovative technological quality and the best designers and architects. When we talk of Molteni we speak of hidden quality, the technical and functional quality of materials that is present though often invisible in its furniture.





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