«Return to Arcadia» by Luke Edward Hall

Rubelli was invited to create a capsule collection of fabrics by the young British designer Luke Edward Hall. The secret of his popularity is his relaxed, gracefully sweet manner. His creations exude youth and joy of life. Both aesthetes and eccentrics like them. The designer, as they say, feels the mood of the moment. A mix of textures, prints and shades is something Luke is particularly strong at: “The inspiration for the design came from my garden in the English countryside, my love of ancient Greek and Roman art and architecture: lyres, temples, statues and classical faces appear among the flowers, leaves and stars. Color is a key element and my favorite shades are sprinkled throughout: dusty purple, olive green, mustard and pale pink, emerald, sky blue and burnt orange… I’m especially proud of the fact that each of the designs started with sketches – even the stripes were hand drawn by me before being turned into digital patterns. The result is a collection with a handcrafted feel, full of character and joy.”