SECOND FIRING by Peter Marino

In the Second Firing fabric capsule collection, Peter Marino traces the creative process of a ceramic artist, acting as an alchemist and transferring the flaming finish and textural effect of Dalpeyre’s vases onto the fabric – the alchemy of the kiln is recreated on the loom (as in “re-firing” – hence name of collection fabrics). Peter Marino’s muse was his own collection of ceramics by Pierre-Adrien Dalpayrat, a late 19th-century French ceramic artist known for his innovative glazes and, in particular, the invention of a blood-red glaze named after him, “rouge Dalpayrat.” The multi-colored vases strike Peter Marino with the combination of colors in the glaze, as well as their enduring relevance: “The abstractions of his shapes and mixed glazes look modern even today.” The magic of ceramic firing is actually opposed to the magic of weaving – the complex intersection of warp and weft threads, it gives life to an explosive mixture of colors. Peter Marino describes the patterns as the “dazzling chromatic waterfalls” of Dalpeyre’s pottery.