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Personal project

Moscow. Petrovsky Passage. 2023

The personal project Rubelli/Elesh in Petrovsky Passage, the official dealer of Rubelli, is a development of the theme of the November exhibition at the Marina Tsvetaeva House-Museum, organized by the Representative Office of Elena Shlenkina.
Embroidery has always had a sacred meaning. All peoples of the world decorated their clothes with amulets and talismans in the form of embroidery. Every stitch is important, every curl of the pattern has its own meaning.
On December 2, in Petrovsky Passage, Moscow, a presentation of the first capsule collection of clothes by Elena Shlenkina, created together with the Rubelli Group, the legendary Venetian weaving factory, which has been producing the world’s best fabrics for more than 200 years, took place.


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