The Bolshoi Theatre

Moscow. 2011

Over the course of many years, namely from 2007 to 2011, painstaking work was carried out to recreate historical fabrics for the theater: jacquards for curtains and wall coverings in boxes, velvet for upholstering balustrades and stage clothing, among which the most outstanding is, of course, the “golden curtain”.

The Bolshoi Theatre

The famous “golden curtain”, which became one of the symbols of the theater, appeared in 1955. It was created according to the sketches of Fyodor Fedorovsky and it differed from the current one in Soviet symbols and the inscription USSR.
As a result, Rubelli produced more than 12,000 meters of fabric, of which more than 1,000 went to the “golden curtain,” which is also called so because 500 kg of gold thread were used to create it.


It should also be noted that the drawing itself is unique in size – it is 150 cm wide and 300 cm high. Subsequently, all the produced fabric, when arriving in Moscow, was divided into canvases in the theater workshops, the design was joined in a checkerboard pattern, and only after that, using a machine specially made for this purpose, the canvases were processed and sewn together. The finished curtain weighs 900 kg.

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